Of earth and shadow

For this, my first post, I’ve chosen to focus on texture and start with a photo set of mine taken at Zion National Park.

But let me back up for a minute..

Welcome, and thank you for the visit. Without getting into my story (which I suppose I will do here at some point), I want to provide a little background for this section of my website and lay out my expectations for how it will be organized and driven.

The objective of this blog is to create a rolling showcase of my photography by systematically sorting through and presenting selections from my rather large (and never before sorted) digital archive. To help structure the output and promote searchability I plan to limit and be accurate with the tags I use to describe the content of each post. Tags may include:

  • #scenic
  • #texture
  • #blackandwhite
  • #doubleexposure
  • #video (photo associated with audio capture)
  • #download (photo made available to download)
  • #wallpaper (photo made available to download in 16:9 vert/horiz layouts)

All source material and presented photography are original, of my own in some way or another; from glossy stone and trodden mud to ethereal flower petals and cat fur, this is my wonder through the lens of a camera, painted by light. Enjoy.

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