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Depending on where you are when the “need” strikes, finding good coffee is sometimes very hard (impossible?) to come by. Having lived in Los Angeles before moving to the suburbs of Boston, I know this to be true. But, as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. Here are three excellent places to get an espresso-based drink within 30 miles of 02048 (southern New England):

I could rank them, but I won’t – you be the judge. Rather, what I want to do is get to the point, to tell you about my experience at Redeye Roasters and to offer you two more free phone wallpaper downloads.

Long story short, the latte was excellent and I got caught up flipping through an interesting book entitled, Homeward Bound: The Life & Times Of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry. Here’s a photo I took of the open book on its side… I think it looks pretty good as a phone background and I hope you do, too. Thanks #SailorJerry.

(Simply click Download and right-click/SaveAs the file to your device [then refer to your OS-specific procedure for how to set the downloaded image as your wallpaper]. Give me a shout if you have any issues, want a specific crop from elsewhere on my site or if you’re just digging the look.)

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Of public exhibition | 9/10-11/30 panopticon gallery

Jury selection!

Panopticon Gallery, (est. 1971) is one of the oldest fine art photography galleries in the United States specializing in contemporary, modern and vintage photography and represents established and emerging photographers with a primary focus on developing and expanding their careers, connections and art network. The gallery regularly assists collectors in buying, selling and locating photographs and supports local educational institutions, regional art museums and estates. Panopticon Gallery is located inside the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston, Massachusetts.

I have been selected to be part of Panopticon’s Think Small exhibition. This photo of a local friend of mine will be hanging in a custom 16” x 21” frame.

“Whirring mind” | 2015

Of layered imagination, pt. II

Salt Lake City, UT. Multiple exposures at work here, three to be exact, all taken at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The idea behind this creation was to play with ‪‎light‬, shadows, curves‬ and ‪‎angles‬ to create a curious ‪‎juxtaposition‬ (which, I should add, this beautiful museum had already laid out for the wandering eye).

Another example of three photos in one, though this one isn’t as straightforward – the common theme of the layered images isn’t overly apparent. Here we have the collision of a bright losangeles intersection, a wall of Polaroid pictures, and a field of music lovers at Austin City Limits. Besides the fact that these are all memories of mine, what else do these three scenes have in common?

How I see it, the thread that binds this piece together is energy.

See all blended exposure creations in my Blended Life gallery.

Of layered imagination, pt. I

If this appears to be a lasting memory crystallized in blue, that’s because it is. This is a gift, its complicated depth and a beautiful woman floating in water. For the texture I manually focused deep into a Herkimer diamond (that was given to me as a special gift by a fellow traveler on a roadtrip in exchange for some books) and captured the structure and the refraction of light, while, for the color and the obvious subject, I chose a photo of mine from a shoot I did with the Aqualillies in Los Angeles.

I love this blend.. for a few reasons, it speaks to me. The idea here was fairly simple: Combine ‪‎natural‬ texture, channel ‪peacefulness‬, try to recreate the feeling of a deep, quiet ‪‎forest‬. Two images are present – can you spot them? (Hint: Look at the upper right corner..)

Colored by the second image, this is the combination of a streambed and a forest canopy.

Of public exhibition | 8/1-8/20 black box gallery

Jury selection!

Black Box Gallery in Portland, OR is currently hosting a juried group photography exhibition on contemporary portrait photography entitled, Portraiture: Pictures in Photography. Have a look at the online exhibition for a wonderful variety of portrait photographs.

This photo, wrapped in a white mat and framed in a 18” x 24” black frame, is currently on display through August 20th.

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