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  1. Of above and below

    2016-05-12 21:19:00 UTC

    Springtime creation entitled “The geology of Jamaica Pond.” Great time to be outside! Much more to come so stay tuned. “The geology of Jamaica Pond” | 2016

  2. Of new content | website update v.5

    2015-10-05 16:53:00 UTC

    Gallery review. From my #photobydjc #action series, the following is an exhibition of the photos grouped within the Action->Aqualillies in L.A. gallery.

  3. Of layered imagination, pt. I

    2015-09-02 03:37:00 UTC

    If this appears to be a lasting memory crystallized in blue, that’s because it is. This is a gift, its complicated depth and a beautiful woman floating in water For the texture I manually focused deep into a Herkimer diamond (that was given to me as a special gift by…

  4. Of another world

    2015-07-13 17:14:00 UTC

    Quintana Roo, MX

  5. Of rolling wave

    2015-07-13 16:46:00 UTC

    Santa Monica, CA

  6. Of beautiful water

    2015-07-09 18:54:00 UTC

    One of the benefits of knowing a synchronized swimmer: receiving an invitation to photo document a rehearsal on a beautiful day in Los Angeles. Thank you to the Aqualillies for making the day such an enjoyable experience. To see the complete series please direct yourself to my latest gallery, Aqualillies…

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