Of layered imagination, pt. I

If this appears to be a lasting memory crystallized in blue, that’s because it is. This is a gift, its complicated depth and a beautiful woman floating in water. For the texture I manually focused deep into a Herkimer diamond (that was given to me as a special gift by a fellow traveler on a roadtrip in exchange for some books) and captured the structure and the refraction of light, while, for the color and the obvious subject, I chose a photo of mine from a shoot I did with the Aqualillies in Los Angeles.

I love this blend.. for a few reasons, it speaks to me. The idea here was fairly simple: Combine ‪‎natural‬ texture, channel ‪peacefulness‬, try to recreate the feeling of a deep, quiet ‪‎forest‬. Two images are present – can you spot them? (Hint: Look at the upper right corner..)

Colored by the second image, this is the combination of a streambed and a forest canopy.

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