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It’s well past time for an official blog post that speaks to the structure and content of this website. As you might’ve seen, I’ve chosen to group my photo series into five distinct categories: +Action, +Collections, +Experimental, +Portraits, +Travel.

The +Action category is a favorite of mine and I am happy to have enough content to call for a dedicated grouping. These photos come from a time and place in which I am allowed to disappear with camera, to follow my curiosity, while simultaneously documenting an intimate process.

In +Collections the common string is theme; photos within these galleries will all fall within the same theme but won’t necessarily have the same look.

The +Experimental category is as close to my heart (and my personal artistic style) as any of the five, as, when I am in this mind space, I thoroughly enjoy affecting a feeling by blending scenes and dimensions.

The last two categories are reserved for my +Portrait and +Travel photos. While I’m including them here in the same breath, I should note that, comfortability and experience-wise, they are much different to me. While I’ll always love to photograph my travel experiences, I suspect it is the Portrait category that represents the largest potential growth opportunity for me. Time will tell :)

The following is an introduction to each gallery. Legacy galleries appear as links while new galleries are indicated [new] and also include a representative picture and short description.


Aqualillies in L.A.

Vermont Magic I [new] This set captures a make-day in the life of Parish Hill Creamery, one of Vermont’s premier raw cow milk cheese makers.

“Honest living” | 2015

Vermont Magic II [new] Similar to the first Vermont Magic series, this set focuses on another Vermont cheese maker, Woodcock Farm Cheese Company, and their herd of happy sheep. Both VM series were shot in conjunction with hands-on interviews conducted by Culture: The Word on Cheese magazine.

“Eye of the beholder” | 2015


Intimate Nature I [new] A collection of b&w photographs informed by my relationship with the animal kingdom.

“Tatanka” | 2014

Intimate Nature II [new] The counterpart to the first Intimate Nature series (described above), this set showcases a selection of my favorite animal photos in color.

“Damian” | 2014


Blended Life

Boston Public Market [new] Creative b&w set with attention to contrast, these are select highlights from a recent walkabout.

“Exit on the throughway” | 2016


Street Portraits I & Street Portraits II


Iron Spirit I & Iron Spirit II

Meeting Lolo I & Meeting Lolo II

Phew! And that, my friends, is a wrap (..for now). Drop me a line or get in touch via Facebook if you have any questions or comments.

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