Of layered imagination, pt. II

Salt Lake City, UT. Multiple exposures at work here, three to be exact, all taken at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The idea behind this creation was to play with ‪‎light‬, shadows, curves‬ and ‪‎angles‬ to create a curious ‪‎juxtaposition‬ (which, I should add, this beautiful museum had already laid out for the wandering eye).

Another example of three photos in one, though this one isn’t as straightforward – the common theme of the layered images isn’t overly apparent. Here we have the collision of a bright losangeles intersection, a wall of Polaroid pictures, and a field of music lovers at Austin City Limits. Besides the fact that these are all memories of mine, what else do these three scenes have in common?

How I see it, the thread that binds this piece together is energy.

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