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  1. Of love & practicality

    2017-03-09 17:13:00 UTC

    I’m a few months late with this, but glad to finally be sharing some 5”x7” edits I made into #photobydjc postcard gifts over the past holiday season. To help myself with the photo selection process I created and adhered to the following two rules: 1) Subject matter must fit into…

  2. Of our journey beautiful and similiar

    2016-03-11 22:14:00 UTC

    The father of a close friend (and indeed, a friend himself) recently passed away, leaving behind him, in the life he lived so well, a trail of happiness and respect. This is a print I made for him and his family “We are all stardust” | 2016 More and more…

  3. Of inspired functional fitness

    2016-01-14 05:28:00 UTC

    Ahhh, yes! and hello again, friends near and far, please feel this, my first salutation from our young two thousand sixteen. I hope it finds you warm and well It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but rest assured I have some projects churning in the background and’ve been making…

  4. Of new content | website update v.4

    2015-10-01 16:28:00 UTC

    Gallery review. From my #photobydjc #experimental series, the following is an exhibition of the photos grouped within the Experimental->Blended Life gallery.

  5. Of layered imagination, pt. II

    2015-09-02 18:09:00 UTC

    Salt Lake City, UT. Multiple exposures at work here, three to be exact, all taken at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The idea behind this creation was to play with ‪‎light‬, shadows, curves‬ and ‪‎angles‬ to create a curious ‪‎juxtaposition‬ (which, I should add, this beautiful museum had already…

  6. Of layered imagination, pt. I

    2015-09-02 03:37:00 UTC

    If this appears to be a lasting memory crystallized in blue, that’s because it is. This is a gift, its complicated depth and a beautiful woman floating in water For the texture I manually focused deep into a Herkimer diamond (that was given to me as a special gift by…

  7. Of cloud to you | mobile wallpaper v.1

    2015-08-01 22:47:00 UTC

    I’ve been doing some thinking: How might I add to this, I’ve wondered – how might I create a more unique, personal experience while staying true to myself? To this end, the path I’ve chosen is a simple one; it says, develop quality content, create an accessible library, give

  8. Of curiousity

    2015-07-21 19:34:00 UTC

    Three curiously blended scenes from around New England. To view my top twenty multiple exposure creations, see the Blended Life gallery.

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