Of cloud to you | mobile wallpaper v.1

I’ve been doing some thinking: How might I add to this, I’ve wondered – how might I create a more unique, personal experience while staying true to myself? To this end, the path I’ve chosen is a simple one; it says, develop quality content, create an accessible library, give it all away.

What will this look like, you ask? Well… think original.. creative.. free. Think high resolution Facebook cover photos and desktop wallpapers for your laptop, tablet and phone, all hand-picked, custom cropped and easily downloaded to your device.

I’ll start with these three wallpapers for your phone. So com’on, get weird with me! Simply click Download at the bottom of each photo and right-click/SaveAs the file to your device (then refer to your OS-specific procedure for how to set the downloaded image as your wallpaper). Give me a shout if you have any issues, want a specific crop, or if you’re just digging your new look.

Download /rose

Download /paint

Download /reflection

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