Of our journey beautiful and similiar

The father of a close friend (and indeed, a friend himself) recently passed away, leaving behind him, in the life he lived so well, a trail of happiness and respect. This is a print I made for him and his family.

“We are all stardust” | 2016

More and more I find myself turning to composite imagery to express myself, to convey feeling and emotion, and so it was no surprise that I felt compelled to return to composite imagery on this special occasion. Two original photos were used. The primary, of the colorful Native American family scene, can be found in its original form as a ceiling panel painting at the Lower Brule Sioux Tribal and Agency Building in Lower Brule, SD, while the second photo, included for texture and symbolic purposes, is of a unique storm cloud formation I observed while camping in Joshua Tree, CA. I hope it speaks to you.

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